Holding Hands

Testimonials from Conference Attendees:

"The ITPI conference was a phenomenal way to meet other ITP practitioners from around the country. In addition, the presentation of Marilyn Schlitz and Cassie Vieten of IONS research on ITP practitioners demonstrated the efficacy of long-term ITP practice in reducing stress, as well as improving vitality and overall health. I highly recommend the ITPI conference to anyone interested in the practice of ITP and integral theory and philosophy."

"I found value in hearing a lot from Michael Murphy, especially yogic philosophical ideas and concepts."

"I was so inspired that I decided to start an ITP group in my new hometown of Santa Barbara!"

ITPI Conference 2009

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The second annual ITPI conference, “The Intention of the Universe-Our Evolutionary Destiny” was held in Belvedere, California, on June 13-14. Featured during the weekend were Michael Murphy, Marilyn Schlitz and a very special tribute to George Leonard. The weekend was an integral experience including theory and philosophy, movement, practice, LET (Leonard Energy Training), and meditation.

The conference began with the ITP Kata, a series of mindful movements created by George Leonard and led by Barry Robbins.

ITPI President Pam Kramer welcomed conference attendees and then introduced Michael Murphy, co-founder of ITP and Esalen Institute.

During the day, Michael brought forth his latest views regarding the philosophic underpinnings of ITP, his integral vision, and new developments in the field of evolutionary theory.

In the afternoon, members of the Mastery certification program, featuring Pierson Bourquin, Donita Decker and Roger Marsh, led the audience in a LET exercise especially created for the weekend by George Leonard.

At 4:00 PM, over 140 conference participants and special guests celebrated the life of ITP co-founder George Leonard with a heart-warming tribute, featuring Michael, Annie Leonard, Ken Dychtwald, Wendy Palmer, Mary Swig, Greg Owens, Pam Kramer and Barry Robbins. The tribute included pictures of George throughout his life and captivating stories about his background. It was a love letter to George from everyone in the audience.

The tribute was followed by a reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres, where guests mingled and danced into the evening. Live music was provided by the Tim Cleary trio, and sumptuous savories from Whole Foods and Haig’s Delicacies were served.

The second day of the conference began with Michael Murphy offering a lively and informative Q&A session. This was followed by an update from IONS Director of Research Cassi Vieten on the pioneering transformation study between ITPI and IONS. The study documented statistically significant results showing a clear connection between the level of one’s practice and their transformation. Additional results will be available in the near future when the study is published.

Pamela Carrara led the group in a beautiful form of movement, setting the stage for ITPI Board Chairman Christina Grote to offer an update on ITPI and its direction for the upcoming year.

IONS CEO Marilyn Schlitz gave an energizing presentation about her new book, “Living Deeply” as well as her work at IONS. Marilyn is one of the world’s preeminent scientists in the advancement of PSI phenomena.

Marilyn was then joined by Michael and Cassi for a stimulating panel discussion covering a variety of topics and questions from the audience. At the conclusion of the event, raffle and auction winners were announced, followed by closing comments by ITPI President, Pam Kramer. The weekend was a fantastic opportunity for like-minded practitioners to gather and celebrate the life we are given. We hope to see you at next year’s conference.