The Emergence of Supernormal Capacities in Contemporary Culture, Part 1 & 2

Spoken by Michael Murphy

In this two part series, Michael Murphy explores the basic premises and underlying story of Integral Transformative Practice and the emergence of particular supernormal capacities at various stages of cultural history in their role as harbingers of the world advance.

In Part 1, Michael outlines “the crucial marriage of vision and practice” and the importance of having "a story big enough for our soul.” He gives examples of supernormal capacities in athletes and surgeons, as well as ways our practice may move us forward, or not, and the creative tension between our fundamental human urges toward radical freedom and the urge toward unity and love.  

In Part 2, Michael discusses the emergence of supernormal capacities in the contemporary world of sports, the importance of attending to the stages of focused attention and sustaining practice so that the subliminal mind goes to work for us, raising our sails to the winds of grace.

These recordings were made at the February 20 and March 27, 2013,  Seekers & Sages Evening Lecture Series.

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