The Origins and Evolution of ITP

Spoken by Michael Murphy

In this inspiring talk, given at Esalen during the 2012 ITPI conference, Michael Murphy discusses the history of Esalen and the rise of mysticism in the U.S. during the 1960s.  Michael covers both the “tidal wave of satoris that hit [Esalen]” as well as the “shadow side” of the ‘60s, possible pitfalls of practice, and how this time informed the creation of ITP. 

Michael presents the originating principles of ITP necessary “to sustain the sort of depth of realization, and these miracles, that we’re living just an inch away from.”  Vectors for growth of ITP are laid out including the development of a curriculum for expanding capacities, and deepening into the “Big Vision” in order to align our practice with “the most fundamental tendencies of the world’s unfoldment” in order to have “a cosmic tailwind behind us.”    

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