Feedback from Mastery graduates:

"I have found the ITP Mastery program is an extraordinary
 opportunity to deepen my own transformational path while
 at the same time learning to lead and facilitate the 
transformational journey of others."
"As a 5 year practitioner of ITP, I wondered what more could I know, but there was LOTS - as an authentic process willing to ‘go where it needs to go’ ­ the infinite is available! I should've known better."
"I'm connected to a truly incredible community of people dedicated to long-term practice and deeper understanding of the not-so-obvious realm."
"The Mastery program was part of the great unfolding of my life and practice."
"My sense of self was expanded and strengthened...Thank you."
"The Mastery program gave me the opportunity to go deep. I loved it."
"I have more confidence in my abilities to facilitate and teach. I am more confident in my leadership roles with the various non-profit organizations I am a member of."
"What a great group. I'd do the whole thing again."

Mastery Programs

For Leaders, Teachers, Coaches & Practitioners



ITP International currently offers two Mastery Programs:

Mastery in the Bay, Corte Madera, California

Starting with the introductory open session on October 14th, the ITPI Mastery in the Bay Program begins a new cycle for those seeking a deep experience of ITP and its power to transform relationships, work and life.

The program offers an opportunity for a group of dedicated ITP practitioners to deepen their study and practice of ITP and bring ITP more fully into the world. Mastery meets one weekend per month to delve deeply into specific aspects of ITP and support each other in our growth, practice and the realization of our intentions.

The 9-month program seeks to develop a core group of extraordinary leaders, teachers and practitioners. ITP is an evolving practice that has continued to grow in the years since the publication of The Life We Are Given. This evolution occurs through the continued work and inspiration of ITP founders George Leonard and Michael Murphy. It is also furthered through the practice, experience, dedication and insights of the leaders that have followed them and continue the lineage.

Mastery program facilitators are ITP trainers and presenters including Michael Murphy, Pamela Kramer, Barry Robbins, Charlotte Hatch, Max Gaenslen, Roger Marsh, Donita Decker, Bob Doenges, and Lucy Piper. 

For more information, please contact Barry Robbins or Pam Kramer.

Program cost: $2450 | View program guide and schedule.

Mastery in the Heartland, Tulsa, Oklahoma

ITP International is delighted to have completed Cycle 2 of Mastery in the Heartland, a four-weekend training designed to provide a deeper experience of ITP for transforming your life, your relationships and your place in the world.

Facilitated by ITP senior teachers from California and Oklahoma, Mastery in the Heartland incorporates the essence of our Bay Area Mastery program, now in its 10th year. Mastery in the Heartland takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, an already vibrant ITP center, providing easier access for those residing in the central and eastern regions of the US.

For more information, please contact Lucy Piper.