2nd Annual 9-Commitment Challenge




The 9-Commitment Challenge, a chance to increase your well being in body, mind, heart and soul, begins on August 26 and ends on November 27. Practitioners from around the globe are invited to participate and support each other in positive growth and healthy change through this fun, energizing event - at no cost, just your time and wholehearted dedication!
Please click and view the PDF below with instructions on the 9-Commitment Challenge. You can enter as an individual or a team member. Also, a group can enter together, but all members of a group don't have to join in order for the group to enter the Challenge. The initial commitment is to do the Kata and aerobic exercise 5 days per week. Weekly challenges and other details will be shared in a follow-up email.
Last year's winners met with ITP co-founder Michael Murphy on Zoom for an invigorating conversation and celebration! As George Leonard often said, "Practice for practice sake." We ITPers know the enormous benefits of daily practice for ourselves and the ripple effect on everyone in our orbit. Let's do it!
I'm available for questions now and through the 12-week Challenge. Save the dates and be on the lookout for more details! In the meanwhile, enjoy your practice and summertime wherever you roam.
With love and gratitude,
Charlotte Hatch
ITP Mastery Teacher & Program Coordinator