Journey of Practice Learning Resource Page


The Journey of Practice program is designed to offer a rich introduction to the practice and its power to transform your life. During this series, facilitated by ITP Mastery teachers, you will create your vision for the future, craft affirmations for lasting change, engage in embodiment practices and cultivate leadership skills from the inside out.

On this Learning Resource Page, you can find recordings of sessions, handouts and other program materials, participant roster and other relevant links to support you on your journey.

Session Dates & Zoom Information

June 24  •  July 29  •  August 26  •   September 23  •   October 9  •   November 6
from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT

Use the link below and join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android

General Materials

We will be referencing The Life We Are GivenThe Tao of PracticeMastery and sections from The Future of the Body during the series, so best to have these materials handy. Best also to have a journal for notes and exercises. We will be sending links to articles and audio files from the ITPI library, so please familiarize yourself by clicking here.

Session Details & Materials

September 23: Practice and Intro to Theory and Philosophy

Preparation for Session 4

  • Please read Chapters 8, 9 and 12 from The Life We Are Given.
  • Download and read the following:

Evolutionary Panentheism
Quotes from O Sensei
Overview on Meditation 

August 26 – Deeper Dive on Affirmations with Intro to Daily Practice

Preparation for Session 3

July 29 – Deeper Dive on Visioning with Intro to Affirmations

Preparation for Session 2

  1. Read Chapters 3 and 4 from The Life We Are Given by George Leonard and Michael Murphy.
  2. Listen to the ITP Visioning Induction.
  3. Fill out your Circle Graphic. Please bring it with you to the session. We'll have time to work on it more during the workshop.
  4. Consider where you are now and the kinds of transformative shifts you may be seeking. Write in your journal about these questions and how your practice can support your growth over time. These questions can be part of our sharing during the session.

June 24 – Intro to ITP, including Initial Visioning and Exploration

Preparation for Session 1

  1. Read Chapters 1 and 2 from The Life We Are Given by George Leonard and Michael Murphy.
  2. For further reinforcement, listen to Inspiring Words from The Life We Are Given.
  3. In preparation for our segment on Visioning, consider where you are in your life now, where your journey has taken you over the past year and the positive changes you are seeking in the future. Feel free to write in your journal about these questions and how your practice has supported your growth over time.
  4. Consider your intentions for this training and enjoy the journey we are on together!

Follow-up Materials for Session 1

Follow-up Materials for Session 2

Follow-up Materials for Session 3

Other Resources