Practice Tools for the Journey

Download worksheets to help you get started on your personal practice, listen to encouraging words from co-founders George Leonard and Michael Murphy and experience core ITP practices like the Kata and LET exercises. Click on the images to learn more.

It is our pleasure to make most of the titles below available to all, however, some may only be available to ITPI Members as a benefit of their membership. If you are not a current Member, consider joining today. Click here to learn more.

The Path of Practice: The Key Elements of Lasting Success

Explore the key elements of lasting success, fulfilment and mastery. ITP co-founder George Leonard shares his understanding of the power of long-term practice through the lense of Eastern wisdom, Western research and Ki - the life force of the universe.

Clip of Inspiring Words from The Life We Are Given

Get a deeper sense of the core practices that form the foundation of ITP in this audio excerpt from the book, The Life We Are Given, read by co-authors George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

ITP Practice Guide

Whether you are new to ITP or a seasoned practitioner, this guide will help you set clear intentions and outline steps to make positive changes in body, mind, heart and soul.

Balancing and Centering Guided Exercise

Bring your entire being into balance during this guided ITP exercise led by co-founder George Leonard.

Power of Practice Workshop Materials

This collection of workshop materials is a great resource to get acquainted with the key themes of the practice, including Leonard Energy Training, Staying Current and the 9 Commitments of ITP.

Transformational Imaging Worksheet Guide

Strengthen your ability to see, hear and feel images that arise during meditation using this helpful worksheet created by ITP Mastery teacher, Tim Cleary.

Homeostasis and Resistance to Change

Learn why we’re wired to resist change and how we can negotiate with resistance in order to grow and transform in this audio presentation by co-founder George Leonard.

Crystalline State

In this guided exercise led by co-founder George Leonard, you’ll experience how the Crystalline State can provide a means for temporarily setting aside expectations and judgements to offer clarity for a balanced and centered state of being.

Reading list for ITP Beginners

Whether you are new to ITP or a seasoned ITP practitioner, check out our suggested reading list to deepen your understanding of the teachings within your personal practice.