Holding Hands "LET is a practical, provable method. It is very applicable to the world of athletics and sport. I have seen and experienced for myself enormous improvements in performance and power, due to the LET methods. I recommend this method to anyone wanting to integrate mind and body for greater stamina, flexibility and strength."—Barry Robbins, ITPI Vice President and nationally ranked athlete

About LET


What is Leonard Energy Training (LET)?

LET works from the body to the mind and spirit, increasing awareness and deepening sensitivity. The body both reflects and influences the way you live your life, so by paying attention to your physical experience, you can learn about who and what you are. Your character or way of being in the world becomes self-evident.

Because LET relies on the body, it “works” regardless of age, sex, national origin, or level of literacy. Beyond being a collection of activities and techniques, it offers a philosophy, an alternative way of living, that almost everyone can understand. While LET is not therapy, many people have used it to solve personal problems and realize a greater sense of personal power and well-being. Some participants who experience a new and important insight about themselves as a result of a five-minute LET activity report that the understanding they got from it might have taken months to discover through psychotherapy.

A brief history of LET

LET was inspired by the Japanese martial art of aikido. Aikido was created by Moriehi Uyeshiba (1883-1969) primarily to replace conflict and discord with the power of love and harmony.

George Leonard began studying aikido in 1970, with Robert Nadeau, who was the first teacher to bring aikido to the US from Japan. In 1972, Leonard began offering workshops based on aikido called “The Energy Body In Action.” By 1976, he was presenting what he named Leonard Energy Training (LET) to many diverse groups throughout the U.S., ranging from counselors in Iowa to prison guards at the California State Department of Corrections and hundreds of participants at LET workshops at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

LET has been the subject of several studies and two doctoral projects. It is closely related to Integral Transformative Practiceregister_mark.png, 368B where it is frequently used as a teaching method for tapping into the wisdom of the body for increased effectiveness and sustained vitality in daily life.

Leonard Energy Training (LET) Manual

ITP InternationalTrade_mark announces the publication of the eagerly awaited Leonard Energy Training (LET) Manual. Written by George Leonard and Joel Kirsch, the Manual is a compilation of decades of practice, and provides a complete guide to LET exercises and philosophy.

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