Holding Hands

"The synergistic effect of Pam and Barry is something to behold. Rarely, if ever have I seen two people so in touch with each other and maintain such a mutual regard and respect for each other. With this as a foundation for teaching, it demonstrates a type of leadership that is meta-normal in itself."

Consulting Services

Holding Hands

ITP InternationalTrade_mark offers a full range of integral coaching and consulting services for individuals, groups and organizations. ITP trainers and coaches are skilled at helping leaders and their teams increase their performance levels while skillfully addressing demands at work and in their personal lives.

Through an integral approach that focuses on personal and professional mastery, clients develop a deeper awareness of their untapped capacities, motivations and customary response patterns. Along with techniques for enhancing performance growth and interpersonal know-how, clients also learn new strategies for remaining calm, clear and creative under pressure.

ITP InternationalTrade_mark designs custom programs and trainings to meet specific needs of the individual or group and is also available for presentations at team meetings or leadership retreats.

For more information, please contact pam@itp-international.org.