Holding Hands

The Nine Commitments are the heart of ITP. You will find that the commitments harmonize together to support your transformative growth. They help you to remember that the journey itself is what is truly important.

ITP Commitments

The commitments are the essential building blocks of the ITP program. They create the roadmap for practitioners to follow in realizing their potential through the cross-training of body, mind, heart and soul. The commitments involve taking personal responsibility for one’s practice and life, cultivating relationships and supporting one’s community, practicing the ITP Kata in addition to aerobic fitness and strength training, conscious eating, developing the intellect and creating affirmations for positive, healthy transformation.

  • 1. I take full responsibility for my practice and for all transformations of my body and being that flow from it.

  • 2. I seek to join in community with other ITP practitioners. While maintaining my individual autonomy and authority, I commit myself to my ITP community in vision and practice.

  • 3. I do the ITP Kata at least five times a week.

  • 4. I accomplish at least three hours of aerobic exercise every week in increments of no less than 20 minutes. Three sessions of strength training a week are also recommended, but there is no commitment on this.

  • 5. I am conscious of everything I eat.

  • 6. I develop my intellectual powers by reading, writing, and discussion.

  • 7. I open my heart to others in love and service. I stay current in expressing my feelings to those close to me.

  • 8. For each six- to twelve-month period, I make at least one affirmation having to do with significant positive change within.

  • 9. I am dedicated to finding ways of reaching out and offering help to those in need.