The ITP Kata — Benefits & Joys

ITP Kata

The ITP Kata is a series of movements that embodies the definition of practice itself; it is an activity that, for all of its benefits, is done on a regular basis primarily for its own sake, because it is the path upon which you walk.

This series was designed in 1991 by George Leonard to be performed in 40 minutes, each element blending into the next without a sense of haste. The movements are intended to articulate all the muscle groups and joints in the body and to offer an opportunity for deep rhythmic breathing, relaxation, transformational imaging and meditation.

The ITP Kata offers the following benefits:

  • Balances and centers the body and psyche.
  • Provides a generalized warm-up. Articulates practically every joint in the body.
  • Makes available a comprehensive course of stretches, increasing flexibility in all major muscle groups.
  • Includes three essential strength exercises.
  • Provides a full set of exercises in which muscle groups are tightened then allowed to relax deeply.
  • Presents numerous opportunities for deep, rhythmic breathing.
  • Includes a period devoted to transformative imaging during which the powers of intentionality can be applied to positive changes in body and psyche.
  • Concludes with at least ten minutes of meditation.

Click here to see the ITP Kata video excerpt from The Tao of Practice DVD.