"The ITPI conference was inspiring, heart-warming, and wonderful! Consistent with the approach and philosophy of ITP, it was a true feast for the body, mind, heart and soul."
"In the presence of leaders in their fields, I received many powerful insights deepening both the clarity of my path and my appreciation for the integral approach. There are not very many places or practices that are truly integral - I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to attend this conference and look forward to another wonderful and enlightening experience next year."


ITP InternationalTrade_mark hosts a variety of creative events to stimulate the intellect, support and educate the community and impart the core elements of transformative practice for practitioners and the general public. ITPI’s events, which include lectures, seminars and conferences, are designed to increase awareness for those new to ITP as well as long-term practitioners.

Leadership Transformed Retreat

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Highlights from the 2012 Annual Conference by Christina Grote, ITPI Board Chair

This August we came together on the sacred land of Esalen to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ITP - and to further explore our human potential with Michael Murphy and Jeff Kripal.

The theme was authoring and being authored: We author our lives through our conscious and unconscious thoughts and actions. With our thoughts we create the world, the Buddha said. If we act mainly from our unconscious thoughts (as most of us do), the expectations of others, as well as the common beliefs of our culture, may end up running our lives. As Michael said: "It is better to fail in your own path than succeed in someone else's."

In ITP, we use affirmations to focus our intentions. Part of my intention for the weekend was to explore ways to author myself from a deeper level than I usually do. My immediate needs are often the most pressing and there isn't much space to discern my deeper yearnings. What do I really want to actualize in this life? Is there something that calls from my core that cuts through the cultural trance of conformity? Can I move beyond my comfort zone and step into the unknown?

On Saturday night we celebrated and danced together, ably led by Kim Arnold who eased even the non-dancers into shaking it on the dance floor.

For me, the most enjoyable aspect of the conference was the coming together of the community of dedicated practitioners and group leaders to celebrate ITP and to explore what's next for us in our evolutionary journey. Thank you to my wonderful ITP family!

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Lectures & Seminars

Throughout the year, ITPI presents evening lectures and weekend seminars with master teachers and integral visionaries to inspire and educate practitioners and the general public. In November 2012, ITPI hosted a half-day workshop with Dr. Adam Crabtree which focused on the subliminal mind, hypnotic trance and evolutionary love. Crabtree described how we go in and out of trance states throughout our day and it is from within these states that we gain access to talents and gifts that we did not know we had.

In 2009, Zen teacher Richard Baker-roshi presented The Basics of Zen Practice: Transforming the Life We are Given, an integral practice lecture and weekend seminar at Cavallo Point, Sausalito, CA. Participants engaged in mindfulness and meditation practices and group discussion in a spectacular setting.

In 2010, ITPI launched The Seekers and Sages Evening Program Series to introduce the public to new concepts in the integral movement. High caliber speakers for this lecture series include ITP co-founder and human potential pioneer, Michael Murphy, CIIS Associate Professor Eric Weiss, and IONS CEO Marilyn Schlitz and others. The evening programs also involve sitting meditation, spirited Q & A and small group discussions. Held in the SF Bay Area in a salon-type atmosphere with live music and refreshments, these gatherings provide like-minded individuals the opportunity to deepen their learning together. Check our Calendar or contact us for The Seekers and Sages Series and other upcoming seminars and events.


Samurai Game

ITPI now hosts George Leonard’s invention, The Samurai Gameregister_mark.png, 368B, a unique, intense and challenging leadership and teambuilding experience for ITP practitioners and the general public. Led by certified trainer, Lance Giroux, this weekend workshop serves to significantly deepen individual and organizational awareness, leadership effectiveness and team cohesion in a supportive learning environment. Participants learn valuable lessons that are applicable to everyday life situations. As with the LET workshop, The Samurai Gameregister_mark.png, 368B reinforces the concept of “body as teacher” to increase awareness and effective decision making under pressure. Check our Calendar or contact us for upcoming dates of the Samurai Gameregister_mark.png, 368B hosted by ITPI.