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by George Leonard
LET Video

This instructional video, presented by LET and Mastery teacher Charlotte Hatch, is designed to work in tandem with the Leonard Energy Training Manual. The video provides a description of LET and its application to daily life, summary of the 9 LET principles and demonstration of practices focused on balancing and centering for individuals and groups. 

By George Leonard and Joel Kirsch
Leonard Energy Training - Gentle Exercises for Transforming Body, Mind, and Spir

The Leonard Energy Training (LET) Manual contains comprehensive instructions and illustrations of LET exercises and philosophy. Originally inspired by aikido, LET is a body-centered method which teaches practical ways of dealing with everyday life situations while enhancing the flow of vitality. Spiral-bound, 168 pages.

By George Leonard & Michael Murphy
"The Life We Are Given" by, George Leonard

The Life We Are Given describes Integral Transformative Practice ®, a pioneering program for transforming body, mind, heart and spirit through balanced and comprehensive long-term practice. Developed by George Leonard and Michael Murphy, two of the founding figures in the human potential movement, ITP is designed to be integrated into busy lives already committed to family, work, recreation and community. Paperback, revised 2005 edition, 221 pages.

"The Life We Are Given is a synthesis and culmination of seventy years' combined experience by two of the wisest and most pioneering explorers and teachers of the possibilities of human transformation. I recommend it highly." — Dean Ornish, M.D., President and Director, Preventive Medicine Research Institute

"By combining philosophy and theory with specific instruction, Leonard and Murphy are once again pioneering at the edge between the known and the unknown in human potential."—Phillip Moffitt, author of The Power to Heal

"The Life We Are Given is a powerful, compelling, comprehensive approach to individual transformation and community enrichment." —Ken Wilber, author of Sex, Ecology, Spirituality

Inspiring Words from The Life We Are Given

Read by the authors, George Leonard & Michael Murphy

This CD captures the essence of Integral Transformative Practice & (ITP), as described in The Life We Are Given. Unlike the usual self-help manual, this book is beautifully written and conveys the authors' passion, wisdom and dedication in their own voices, inspiring you to participate joyfully in a proven program of body, mind, heart and soul transformation. CD, 75 minutes.

Featuring George Leonard
The Tao of Practice - Exercises and Imaging for the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul

The series of exercises on this DVD called a kata after the Japanese word for "form" is designed as a daily, 40-minute practice for people with busy lives. Created by human potential pioneer George Leonard, it combines elements of Hatha yoga, the martial arts, modern exercise physiology, Progressive Relaxation, visualization research and meditation, with each element blending smoothly into the next. After presenting general guidelines, Leonard leads you through a full session of the ITP Kata. DVD, 56 minutes.

Click here to view an excerpt

The ITP Kata

Want to be led in your practice of the Kata? Here's your chance! Have ITP teachers Barry Robbins and Pam Kramer lead you in a private session of the  Kata right in your own home or workplace. 
The ITP Kata 2-CD set offers two guided versions of the ITP Kata, the series of movements created by ITP cofounder and Aikido sensei George Leonard. It is designed to articulate all the muscle groups and joints in the body and allow for deep rhythmic breathing, relaxation, transformational imaging and meditation. The ITP Kata is one of the core practices ITP has to offer. It embodies the definition of practice itself; it is an activity that, for all its benefits, is done on a regular basis for its own sake, as a path of practice upon which you walk.
Disc one of The ITP Kata is an instructional version of the Kata, led by Barry Robbins and designed for beginners. Led by Pam Kramer, disc two is for more experienced Kata practitioners. Both CDs are designed for those who are familiar with the ITP Kata. For more detailed and visual instruction, consider purchasing The Life We Are Given and the Tao of Practice DVD. 


Receive The Life We Are Given book, the Inspiring Words from The Life We Are Given CD and The Tao of Practice DVD all for $40.

By George Leonard
"The Silent Pulse" by, George Leonard

This truly integral and highly transformative book reveals our kinship with the entire universe and all its wonders. To read it is to meet ordinary and extraordinary people who have uncovered remarkable human capabilities. Creating a compelling synthesis of theoretical physics, brain research, evolutionary theory, social psychology and studies in consciousness, along with leading-edge findings about rhythms, light, perception and alternative realities, Leonard captures a poetic beauty within a true adventure story. Paperback, revised 2006 edition, 224 pages.

Sports, Energy & Consciousness

Athletes have long known that their pursuit of excellence can lead to the unforgettable altered state of consciousness known as “The Zone”. This unification of body, mind and spirit can paradoxically lead to peak performance as well as inner peace. Coaches and sports psychologists now include techniques from esoteric realms of energy medicine and consciousness research in order to awaken these highest human potentials.

The contributing authors of this book – an ex-NFL star, a Harvard psychiatrist, the coach of an Olympic champion, an extreme skiing world titleist – will explain how these insights can help you develop your inner and outer skills, whether you’re a weekend amateur or an elite athlete.

The approaches range from Energy Psychology and Zen to the Parallel Mode Process and mindfulness. Specific applications to baseball, track, sculling, skiing, tennis and more are included, as are invited commentaries from some of the world’s leading experts in physical and spiritual transformation.

"I've been waiting for this book my whole life. Sports, Energy and Consciousness invites us to take a second look at how powerful, impactful and transformational athletic performance can be for ourselves, our lives and our world."Ricky Williams, Heisman Trophy Winner, NFL All-Pro

"With this powerful book, sport becomes epiphany, a mind cracking, soul buffeting, life enlarging realization that brings participants into resonance with the Great Game Itself, the one that the Cosmos is playing."Jean Houston Ph.D, futurist, author, A Passion for the Possible

"With this book, we now have a complete work on consciousness and sport available for athletes. Hopefully others will see this field as an avenue for great human liberation."Phil Shinnick PhD, US Olympian, world record holder (long jump)

Conversations with Michael Murphy - Five Disc Set

The next best thing to sitting down with Michael Murphy, these interviews cover achievements, insights and inspiration straight from the co-founder of Esalen Institute and ITP. Beginning with Murphy’s own philosophical development and Esalen’s beginning as “an educational center promoting human potential and values,” this series covers Esalen’s breakthroughs in Soviet-American relations; the stories and ideas behind Murphy’s four novels; his groundbreaking work chronicling supernormal experiences in sports and in everyday life; and the implications for a great leap forward in human development. Five CDs in set, 4.9 hrs total.

Available as a set ($60 ea) and as individual CDs ($15/ea). To order the set, click on "Add to cart" below. To order an individual CD, click on the title to view details page and then click on "Add to Cart."

By George Leonard
"Mastery" by, George Leonard

Drawing on Zen philosophy and his expertise in the martial art of aikido, George Leonard shows how the process of mastery can help us attain a higher level of excellence and a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in our daily lives. Whether you're seeking to improve your career or your intimate relationships, increase self-esteem or create harmony within yourself, this inspiring guide will help you master anything you choose and achieve success in all areas of your life. Paperback, 192 pages.

In Mastery, you'll discover:

  • The 5 Essential Keys to Mastery Tools for Mastery
  • How to Master Your Athletic Potential
  • The 3 Personality Types That Are Obstacles to Mastery
  • How to Avoid Pitfalls Along the Path
  • ... and more A Fortune Book Club Selection
Featuring George Leonard
The 5 Keys to Mastery

On Sale Now! 

What makes a Grammy-winning musician, an Olympic athlete, a Nobel Prize-winner or a successful entrepreneur?

Best-selling author George Leonard (Mastery, The Ultimate Athlete, andEducation and Ecstasy) devoted a lifetime to uncovering the essential traits that allow the superstars of our culture to soar.

The 5 Keys to Mastery reveals the simple, essential elements that can transform any life into one of high achievement.

Leonard is joined by twelve of the most successful people of our time - including BB King, Carlos Santana, Linux inventor Linus Torvalds, and Nobel laureate Eric Kandel - who share their personal stories, practices and techniques for using the five keys. Practical, enlightening and inspiring, The 5 Keys to Mastery delivers the new millennium formula for lifelong success and personal fulfillment. DVD, 60 minutes.

by Jeffrey J. Kripal w/ Michael Murphy
Esalen, the X-Men and You - Keynote Lectures from the 2010 ITPI Conference

Keynote Lectures from the 2010 ITPI Conference

Superheroes aren’t born. They’re made. That’s the good news from Jeffrey J. Kripal, professor of religious studies at Rice University and author of Authors of the Impossible: The Paranormal and the Sacred from the University of Chicago Press. In these four keynote lectures recorded at our 2010 conference, Jeff explains how in every life, there are magical moments when the world resembles a movie or a novel, and if you can “wake up” to the story unfolding, you can control its direction — and achieve the impossible. To support his thesis, Jeff talks about authors, artists, and spiritual practitioners — including the late George Leonard of ITP — who seized creative control of their lives and works. Michael Murphy, co-founder of ITP and of the Esalen Institute, joins Jeff to discuss how each of us can recognize and embrace our own paranormal powers, just as the superheroes of popular culture embrace theirs.

Listen and learn how to harness your powers to create a brighter, more fulfilling future.

On sale now! Boxed set of six CDs, 5.5 hours total.


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