The Non-Profit

Since its inception in 1992, Integral Transformative Practiceregister_mark.png, 368B (ITP) has spread around the globe. In 2005, ITP InternationalTrade_mark (ITPI) was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to support and expand the work of ITP and its founders.

Our Board and staff work to develop new programs to support individuals, groups and organizations working within the ITP tradition. To this end, we assist individuals in forming ITP groups; train group leaders; present public and corporate workshops; hold seminars and conferences; conduct research; and provide resources for practitioners.

Our Intention, Our Ultimate Mission

We of ITP International are resolved to support and further the principles of a long-term practice that integrates and transforms body, mind, heart and soul, as described in The Life We Are Given, authored by George Leonard and Michael Murphy. To this end, we assist individuals in forming ITP groups, train group leaders, conduct research, provide resources for practitioners and maintain high standards of practice.

Our ultimate mission is to help ameliorate the unnecessary waste and suffering now plaguing the human world and to help further the evolution of our species and society toward a more balanced, more peaceful, more joyful condition. We are dedicated to the realization of the awesome potential that exists in each of us. Through our works, we aim toward the creation of a society dedicated to the greater realization of the human birthright to learn, to love, to feel deeply and to create.